Visiting Aizpute Winery

We always welcome guests: it can be a leisurely weekend with friends, a hen party, a tour with colleagues or a romantic stop at a wedding. We are truly happy to invite you to visit the ancient vaulted cellars of the winery. We will organize a wine tasting thus providing an opportunity to evaluate the taste, smell and colour nuances of the various drinks.

The hospitable owner is an experienced winemaker, and he will tell you about wine making, share practical, amusing and fun stories, as well as will help you to find and choose the wine that suits your taste.

Tasting price per person - 10 Eur

For groups smaller than 10 people, the price is 100 Eur

The price includes small snacks, we taste 6-7 drinks. The duration of the visit is 1.5 h.

If you need any detailed information about the winery, want to apply for a tasting or want to contact us, please call +371 26397949 or write to us to

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Skolas street 1, Aizpute


+371 26397949

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Alkohola lietošanai ir negatīva ietekme. Alkoholisko dzērienu pārdošana, iegādāšanās un nodošana nepilngadīgām personām ir aizliegta.
Alkoholiskos dzērienus ir aizliegts piegādāt (izsniegt) no plkst. 22.00 līdz 8.00.
Informējam, ka pasūtījums tiks piegādāts tikai pasūtījuma veicējam, kurš ir sasniedzis 18 gadu vecumu. Lūdzam, pirms pasūtījuma saņemšanas, sagatavot personu apliecinošu dokumentu.