About the winery

The story of the winery
Santi family from Aizpute was dreaming about a real winery since the end of the last century, when the family was fascinated by the finding out the secret details of fermentation and storage of wine and, with amazing enthusiasm, toured the sunny southern lands. In 2010, the dream was destined to come true, when a lovely place in the basement of Aizpute Castle Manor was found for the winery.
The family of winemakers emphasizes that a good wine feels the best in a good wine cellar! Just like diamonds need some processing to shine, the Aizpute Winery improves its recipes and wine-making technologies every year by capturing and keeping its passion in every bottle of wine to share it with you.

Values of the winery
With respect to the past, standing against the fast pace of the world and industrialization, in Aizpute wine cellars we leisurely and diligently make wine, fermented only from fruits and berries grown in our region. Every single step, from the moment of cultivation and collection of each berry until placement of the bottle on the wine shelf, is handmade. We are passionate about perfection and new discoveries but always remain faithful to traditional methods of preparation of drinks. Every year we keep being inspired by both the recognition received at wine competitions and the praise of industry experts and wine connoisseurs.

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Skolas street 1, Aizpute


+371 26397949

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